Arm yourself, Citrus County. There are dudes like this (even here!)

Angel Rodriquez

There are crazy/evil men everywhere… even here in Citrus County

Angel Rodriquez
Angel Rodriquez (photo courtesy of the Citrus County Chronicle

My buddy Buster Thompson (a very cool guy, BTW!) over at the Citrus County Chronicle recently reported that there was a man injured in a shooting.

I think the headline actually should have read:

“Citrus County Thug 1 Tries to Shank Thug 2, but Thug 2 Shoots Him in the Head.”


The guy still had his gun in his pocket – not hidden somewhere – which means he clearly didn’t understand that he was in the wrong. He probably just thought he was protecting himself and that the shooting was legal: never mind that he is a convicted felon and is not allowed to own guns.

Moral of the Story: Dudes like these roam our streets. Get your concealed carry permit, and carry daily, today. (Boy, was that a mouthful!)

Here’s the full story from the Chronicle.

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