Two Armed Robberies in Citrus County: One Robber Dead

Be Prepared!
Be Prepared!
Be Prepared!
Be Prepared!

One suspect has died following a Floral City burglary who may also be linked to a Hernando County burglary.

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Tuesday responded to a residential burglary at 10:46 a.m. 16199 Flavian Road in Brooksville.

The homeowners confronted the two suspects, who were stealing items off a covered porch. Both suspects then fled on foot.

Upon arrival, deputies requested that K-9 units and aviation be deployed. One white male suspect was taken into custody in Hernando County. Charges are pending at this time for Timothy Stone, 29.

Also on Tuesday, Citrus County deputies responded at 1:43 p.m. to 13347 S. Old Jones Road Floral City in response to an unknown-type emergency that had been posted on Facebook due to the victim not having a phone.

Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the victim, who told deputies that he walked into a burglary in progress. A confrontation with the suspect ensued, in which the burglary subject was shot.

Deputies arrived to find a deceased white male, who is believed to be connected to Hernando County’s burglary. Detectives continue to process the scene, and are awaiting the arrival of the medical examiner. Next of kin has not yet been notified.

At this time, no further details on this case can be released pending further investigation.


  1. I am glad that one was apprehended, I am happier that one was shot dead! I have worked my whole life the honest way and it angers me that these low life’s think it is ok to take what belongs to you! Maybe the survivor can tell the tale of his deceased comrade while serving his time. I may sound harsh but I am a firm believer in an armed society is a polite society. I look at how the liberal agenda tries to make law abiding citizens look like the criminal for wanting to protect ourselves, our homes, and our families. I am sure the family of the deceased will try to file a suit against the home owner citing what a good person he was and how he didn’t deserve to die… I call bullshit on that one, I hear it in the news all to often . The dead do not know that they are dead, it is only difficult for the others…
    The same goes for when you are stupid!

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