The Best Online Gun Shop

The Best Online Gun Shop

What are the characteristics of the best online gun shops? How about a gun store that is also a training ground of the country’s leading concealed carry licensing state? Citrus CCW is a Florida online gun shop that helps train the over one million concealed carry licensees in the state but also helps arm them with guns, accessories and ammo.

Our online gun shop is run by an NRA-certified gun enthusiast who has himself tried or owned every gun that we buy, sell or trade. The advantage of purchasing a gun from someone with this type of background is that he can help you find exactly what you need for a price that does not break the bank.

Citrus County FFL Holder 

In addition to providing concealed carry training, the online gun shop, and the NRA certification, Citrus CCW also is a holder of a Federal Firearms License. This license also allows us to ship and receive guns from out of state so that you can purchase them new or used from us or from anyone. Take advantage of this special license and feel comfortable about buying or selling guns legally.

Service Before the Sale

Citrus CCW believes that customer service does not have to be left to brick and mortar gun shops alone. We are always happy to share our experience, know-how and consumer-first attitude with you to help you make your gun-purchasing decisions. Whether you need to purchase a new Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield, a pump action shotgun, some 9mm ammo, or some other gun-related accessory, we are happy to help you find what you need.

All of this in addition to firearms training and concealed carry classes from people who know guns. Contact Citrus CCW today to learn more about our online gun shop or to get help with your next purchase.

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