Concealed Carry Permit Laws in Florida

Florida is considered what is called a “Shall Issue” state and will issue concealed carry permits to residents and non-residents that meet the requirements. Florida concealed carry permitsare issued by the Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing and the information regarding the program and the application is available by visiting their website:

Concealed Carry Weapon Florida

How To Apply for a Florida Concealed Carry License

Concealed Weapon Permit (or Concealed Carry Firearms) applications are available through the above-mentioned website or by contacting one the state’s regional offices (also on the site).

The minimum eligibility requirements for the license are:
• Applicants must be at least 21 years of age or be a servicemember. Veterans under 21 are eligible if they were discharged under honorable conditions
• Applicants must meet citizenship and residency requirements
• Proof of certificate of completion from a firearms training class or other acceptable document that evidences competency with a firearm
• The applicant must not have a disqualifying criminal record

Where Can I Carry a Concealed Weapon in Florida?

The reason most people get a concealed weapons permit is so they can carry around weapons legally. There are some restrictions to this permit and there are locations that are off-limits. Instead of naming the locations where it is legal to carry your firearm it is easier to name the places that are restricted.

Places you cannot carry a concealed weapon:

• Police, sheriff or highway patrol stations
• Jails and other detention facilities including courthouses and courtrooms
• Any polling place
• Meeting places such as a governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special district
• Any school, college or professional athletic event not related to firearms
• Schools including administration buildings, elementary, college or university
• Inside airports

You are allowed to carry your weapon on you or in a “securely encased” state in your automobile. This means that you can carry in your glovebox or center console as long as they shut. Your firearm can be loaded and NOT in a holster.

What is the state’s definition of a concealed weapon?

Florida Statute 790.06 defines concealed weapons or firearms as those carried in a manner that conceals them from the ordinary sight of another person.

This includes:
• handguns
• electronic weapons or devices
• tear gas guns
• knives
• billies

Where Do I Find Laws Regarding the Use of Deadly Force for Lawful Self-Defense?

Chapter 776, Florida Statute explains the Florida law pertaining to the justifiable use of force. A concealed weapons permit does not give the license holder the discretionary authority to use their weapon. Firearm owners should be aware of the Statute so that they are familiar with how the law reacts when they use their weapons with deadly force.
Florida’s concealed carry permit laws explained with resources of how to apply and the firearms that are covered under this permit.

Lawful Self Defense


    • I know Kentucky has reciprocity with FL licenses and as far as I can tell, Kentucky considers a license to be a license regardless if you’re a resident of the state which has entrusted you with it.

      As always, you should personally call the Kentucky State Police at 502-782-9781 as well as familiarize yourself with Kentucky’s specific laws (KRS 237.110) as they will differ from Florida’s in regards to when and where you have the right to defend yourself or if an out of state license is valid beyond say, 30 days of residency.


      • Most states require you to simply switch from a Florida to that States concealed weapons permit if you declair residency. Florida and other states resuprosity is for travel and the unique winter residence Florida has. The problem can be if you use this Reston of not changing state license you better be able to prove you reside in Florida for a few months a year. It is easy to switch and if you carry legally then switching states should not worry you, Kentucky is a resuprosity state and if I lived there I would switch and bring weapon when visiting. Also Illinois you must empty gun, empty mag. And separate the mag and weapon as to not be able to easily reach. ( no wounded they have so much crime) also and very important if you go to a range and leave brass in your car Washington DC considers an empty shell as a weapon and you can face 30 years in jail and is a Felony. ( again 2nd highest murder rate in country) so when traveling know the state laws, avoid Illinois,DC, Navada yes Navada, California, Hawaii. Connecticut,Mass and Maine again yes Maine. You can bring weapon but seep rate and lock up. In DC bring nothing, not even an empty shell ( give me a break and they do enforce it. Also stay away with your weapon from New Jersey and New York! The professors that preach against gun control to our youth are missing one accidemic fact. Research is done by letting half the test subjects have a med. For example and the other half nothing. Same principle these states are a research in motion and their augment does not hold water as definitive research. The USA is forth in the world in murder rates. Take out DC,Illinois ,Detroit and New York and LA. All with strick illegal to the Constitution gun laws and the USA would be one of the Nations with the fewest Murders and crimes with guns. If you are in College you know research, this fact is now based on long lived research in these cities so do not buy their BS! The founders made it a right not to be impinged upon so the Givernment did not become dictators. Is it not ironic in DC law Makers we elect can carry? We are the government not them. Also Liberals state health care is a right please show me in the constitution when this right was added and voted by the people and ratified by the states? You see that is how rights are made not by the president or congress but by the people voting and the States taking popular vote to US Congress to ratify! All men are created equal the Founders never said all men would end up equal. At birth yes. How you live your life determines the rest. Do not let there political progressive crap ruin what the founders saw could happen and We are letting it happen. The Costitution is the Law of the land, not regulations ( illegal law not created by a legislative body leads to a nanny police state) learn and exercise your constitutional rights!! Get a CCW , vote and work to improve yourself as stated Life Liberty and the pursute of Happiness. No where does it say Give me Happiness, Give me others wealth, Give me, Give Me, Give Me! Work oh no just Give Me I am an adult and equal. Sorry no you are not! You were created equal and waisted your life!!

  1. If I got an other than honorable discharge 30 years ago can I apply for a concealed weapons permit in the state of Florida as a resident

  2. Yes. I too received an other than honorable discharge (General Under Honorable Conditions) and have a Concealed Carry license in the state of Florida.

  3. Im driving from Illinois to Florida. I have conceal and carry permits for both states. which I believe will allow me to carry through every state on the way to florida. My question is, if I were to be stopped for any reason am I required to notify the officer I am legally carrying? The states would be Il., Ind., Ky,TN, GA and FL.

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