1. Just saw his segment on CNN. I agree with his comments, but he should of used the US FLAG not the Confederate Flag. We are the United States not the Confederate States. Loved how he answered those comments and questions by the CNN anchor, Carol Costello, who I think loves the Muslims and Islamic way of life, so appears.

  2. Good morning Andrew. I just watched your short appearance on the CNN and I am excited, to see that Amerika is alowly waking up and not everybody is idiotic like those Politically correct citizens. Yes, you are absolutely right in what you are doing, I am just sad that there are not thousnads people like you and that the TV stations of all USA are not getting the message. I am from Europe and I felt safe here but this last Muslim killing is scaring me. Everybody is trying to understand the bastard and to find some psychological explanation and excuse for his murderous action, and no one dare to say the truth, that he was killing because he is Muslim. Families of these killers are allways ready to apologise to unfortunate families of victims and all Muslims in USA are issuing words of sympathy while celebrating and laughing at home when they close the door. How can be someone stupid enough to believe them. They have in their religion permission and obligation to kill, lie and use any method to eliminate all who do not share their crazy religious ideas. Keep going, I hope more people like you will get smart before it is too late. Especially this liberal station CNN and Miss Castello needs to wake up. The Muslim president is letting thousands of these killers to enter and stay in US and it must be stopped.

  3. Everything ya’ll are doing is absolutely awesome. ?. keep up the good work ….l just have 1 issue the Confederate flag that
    Andrew is standing in front of is upside down ( star points need to be at 12 oclock ) looking forward to more smart thinking…gbh

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