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Training (CCP) Class:

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“Let’s arm and train so many people that we put an end to violent crime. Terrorists, take note: we’re coming for YOU now.”

-Andrew Hallinan, Owner of Florida Gun Supply

Register below for our FREE 3 Hour Basic Training (CCP) Class: Now FREE! (Was $85)


Please fill out the form below to register for your 3 Hour Basic Training (Concealed Carry) Class. We need this form filled out individually (with different email address) for each person you intend to bring.


We’ve armed and trained over 8000 people: that’s 3% of Citrus County!


Don’t miss out: come be part of the solution to violent crime in America!

My name is Andy Hallinan. I’m a 28 year old high school dropout, and I own Florida Gun Supply. I never set out to start a gun shop, the only shooting range in Citrus County, or one of the coolest online gun stores on the internet today. I started teaching the concealed carry classes a little over 3 years ago on my 30 acre farm. After three years, we finally outgrew my farm and moved to downtown Inverness. Now located at 118 North Pine Avenue, we can officially boast: we’ve armed and trained over 8000 students – which equals 50% of the county. We will arm and train as many people as we have to in order to make Central Florida the safest place in America to live.  

Here’s what our class looks like:


1. Rules and procedures to keep you safe with a firearm in every situation


2. 100% hands-on learning that will provide you with the necessary skills to use any pistol safely


3. We are the only class in Citrus County that spends an hour at our shooting range!


Concealed Carry Class FAQs


I’m a bit far from you. Is this class worth the drive?

Honestly, we’re rated the “Best Concealed Carry Class in Central Florida.” The only people who have ever left us bad reviews are other competing gun shops: we literally have never had one student have a bad experience. We have students drive for 2.5 hours on a regular basis to take our class: simply because they heard we’re the best!

Do I need my own gun to take your class?

Nope! We have gun rentals available for just $9.99, plus the cost of ammunition.

How many people can you fit in a class?

Unless we have special circumstances, we can only fit up to 30. 

What if I need to reschedule?

We ask you to notify us as far in advance as possible.

Where the heck are you guys?

Our retail location is located at 118 N Pine Ave in Inverness, FL, 34450. Our shooting range is located at 250 S Tabitha Path in Inverness, Fl, 34450.

How old do you have to be to take the class?

  We have no age requirement to take the class. Florida law doesn’t allow anyone under 21 to carry concealed, however, we allow any age to come through our class. We highly encourage families to come take the class together!   ccw-class-testimonial3


  1. I have just registered my husband and myself for your Jan 9th class. We will be renting your weapons. We both have had permits from MA and NH. They have expired. Should we bring them? Does your class help with obtaining FL permits? And would you be helping with the process?
    Barbara Hood

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