Beginners Class: Shoot 5 Handgun Calibers at the Range!

Beginners Class: Shoot 5 Handgun Calibers at the Range!

Want to own a gun but not sure where to start?

This is the class for you!

So you’re new to guns and are finding it tough to know where to start. You’ve heard about pros and cons of different calibers but there’s so much to learn!

We’ve created a class designed for beginners to help you:

  • Understand different calibers and what their uses are so you can choose the best caliber to keep you safe
  • Range-test 5 different handgun calibers to choose which one FEELS the best for you

5 Handgun Caliber Range Test Class FAQs

Q: What skill level do I need to be for this class?

A: This class is designed for absolute beginners. Even if you’ve never seen guns before in your life, this class will get you comfortable quickly.

Q: What calibers will I be able to try?

A: Included in the class cost are the following calibers:

  • 22LR
  • .380ACP
  • 9mm
  • .40S&W
  • Your choice of either .45ACP or .38SPL

Bring cash: you can always purchase more ammunition during the class!

Q: I’m nervous!

A: Everybody of every shape and size is nervous when first learning about guns. We plan for this and promise to make you comfortable and confident!

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