Women: Conquer These Top 3 Fears BEFORE You Get Your Concealed Carry License

Guns Can Be Scary! Here are the Top 3 Fears Some Women Start With

Gun are intimidating.

Everyday when someone signs up for class, I get an email alerting me of a person who has signed up for our Concealed Carry Class. The more my phone goes off with emails, the happier I am!


Because that’s one more person who has made a decision to help make our community safer.

But, every now and then, my phone will ring and on the other end of the line is a woman who wants to cancel her appointment.

The reasons are usually always the same, and I’ve heard them a thousand times.

Top Concealed Carry Fear #3: I’ve never shot before, and I’m nervous!

Guess what, most people who take our concealed carry class haven’t shot before. And EVERYONE who shoots for the first time is nervous!

There’s a first time for everyone.

Most people think that they are going to be the only one out at the range who’s nervous or scared. They believe they will be the only newbie at the range who messes everything up while everyone points and laughs at them.

But at our range, that never happens.

Because most of the people in our class are new shooters and feel the exact same way as you!

You are among similar people and will feel right at home and the instructor and volunteers will always be around to help and answer any questions.

Here are some tips to help ease your nervousness and gain confidence during class and at the range:

  1. Know you can do it. Have confidence in yourself. You’ve gone through a lot in your life and have tried a lot of new things. This is just the next step, and you’re going to do great!
  2. Make sure to buy solid ear protection. If you are using ear plugs at the range, and need to double up, don’t be hesitant to borrow some ear muffs and double up on your ear protection.
  3. During class, ask questions. Make sure to understand the classroom exercises so you will be confident during class.

Top Concealed Carry Fear #2: I don’t own a gun, and have never even held one!

That’s fine!

It is ok that you don’t own a gun when you take our class. We have a large selection of guns you can rent to use out at the range to qualify for your license.

The reason why we suggest taking our class first is to give you the opportunity to test out a caliber you might like.

Getting your Concealed Carry License will also let you avoid that 3 Day Wait when you do decide to get your own gun.

Top Concealed Carry Fear #1: My husband/boyfriend/significant other doesn’t think I’m “ready” to get my license to carry.

The only one who knows if you are ready, is you.

If something has happened to you and made you want to get your Concealed Carry License, then do it. If you heard a story in the news that makes you want to be prepared for a similar situation, then do it.

Here are some practical tips to help alleviate the concerns brought up be your significant other:

  1. Offer them to come with you.
  2. If they are there to be your support system, we won’t charge them a penny!
  3. Don’t wait for them to have time to “practice,” because you’ll have plenty of practice in class.

You may be nervous, but the time is now!

The time is now!

It’s OK to be nervous. People are naturally nervous when doing something new. But you will be among friends.

Don’t be discouraged to do something that will help protect you and your family just because someone doesn’t think you can. You can do anything you put your mind to.

There is never a better time to get your Concealed Carry License than now. If you think that you might want to get your license, don’t let anything stop you. You can be the solution to violent crime in America by being a good guy prepared for anything.

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  1. I’m in…for a few different classes. Single mom who works 5-6 days/week, so I’m interested in evening/weekend classes.

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