Concealed Weapons Permit Wait Times Getting Shorter

Concealed Weapons Permit Wait Times Getting Shorter

According to local gun owners and vendors at this year’s North Florida Arms Collectors Gun Show at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in downtown Jacksonville, the wait for people getting their Florida concealed weapons permit is shorter. In Florida, the longest anyone has to wait for their application to be processed is three months. Participants are saying that wait times are now only about two months and the Florida Department of Agriculture is doing a better job of handing the influx of applications.

Reports indicate that after the Newton, CT incident and the talk of tougher gun laws at the beginning of 2013, the number of Floridians’s applying for Florida CCW licenses skyrocketed. The state’s gun permit licensing department was struggling to keep up with all the new applicants and even had to hire extra workers to meet the three-month processing deadline. That has since changed and applicants are pleased with the reduction in processing times.

Some also attribute the quicker processing times to cycles in the gun industry. Event organizer Lauren Schoenberger said this time of year generally marks a period of decreased demand for gun sales and permit applications. “Normally at this time of year things start to slow down a bit over the summer months, but it’s still been rather busy and things are harder to come by, especially ammo,” she said.

Permit Times Down, Ammo Availability Times Up

While the times for receiving a processed application have decreased, other aspects of gun ownership have suffered. All over Florida gun owners have experienced a decline in the availability of ammo partly as a result of the demand for concealed weapons permits. One shop owner at the show said that a lot of new customers have been seen coming in because the big box stores have a shortage of ammo on supply. It is not surprising to see gun shops place limitations on the amount of ammo a customer can purchase in one stop, making it even more frustrating for concealed weapons holders to obtain ammo for their firearms.

Initial Requirement for CCW

Before an individual can apply for a CCW license in Florida they must meet certain state requirements. One of these requirements includes the submission of proof of competency of a firearm in order to qualify for the license. Citrus County CCW offers a registered course where applicants can learn about gun safety while getting certified for the necessary documentation.

To learn more about our CCW classes or to sign up, contact us today.

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