Concealed Weapons Permits Up – Crime Rate Down in Florida

Florida is quickly becoming known as a gun-friendly state as we are responsible for the issuance of the most concealed weapons permits in the country. While the numbers of these gun permit holders has gone up, it is great to see that violent crime in our state is down. The numbers are actually way down, the number of violent crimes in Florida has fallen to the lowest point on record, failing 26 percent between 2007and 2011. All the while concealed weapons permits rose nearly 90 percent during that same period and firearm-involved crime has dropped 33 percent.

Decreases in violent crime and concealed carry permits are under heavy debate as gun control activists refuse to believe the correlation between more ‘good guys with guns’ and a lessened crime rate. “It’s difficult to attach gun control to the reduction of crime, and vice versa,” said gun control activist Arthur Hayhoe, executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “We don’t know what works. We can’t prove that gun control works because we don’t have gun control laws.”

The opponents of pro-gun activists have no real data to cite that there is not a connection between a reduction in crime and concealed carry permits. Meanwhile the concealed carry industry has data indicating that crime rates are continuing to drop and have studies that show criminals fear resistance from gun-owners during their crimes. A recent CBS poll indicated a drop in support for the proposed gun laws as previous supporters are pulling back on their intent to back new gun laws. The Democrats cite the lessened support to faded memories while others dispute that the decrease in support stems from people learning about the legislation.

Regardless of the stance on guns laws in America, one thing remains true – good guys obtain guns and concealed permits legally to protect themselves from bad guys. Self-defense isn’t to blame for violent crime; it is the individuals who have no opposition who are the most dangerous. This is likely why every time a violent shooter is confronted by someone armed they take their own life. While we may not be able to prevent crime and criminals we can do our best to prepare ourselves for the worst and use gun self-defense to resist the threats of bad guys.

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