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Florida Gun Supply is serious about our goal: We want criminals to fear US when coming into our homes at night,

We are making America safer, and we need help from people like you.




  1. It’s refreshing to see how gun dealers, related businesses and educational enterprises have come together for the rights and freedom of the citizens. I am a total believer in our 2nd amendment rights and the constitution of the United States. Keep up the great work!

  2. I just wanted to thank you guys on the gun your giving to deeana Mitchell. I worked with her and her husband Scott and they are great people. But I would really like a chance to win a handgun. I’m an wounded army infantry vet, served in OIF 5 in Ramadi Iraq. Well and it’s pretty simple as to why I haven’t bought a firearm, single dad with just enough pay check to make it by! But once again I love your program and the approach you guys are making on securing our homes and families!


  3. i would love to win a new gun..we live in The Villages on the newer side close to Brown wood ..lot of break ins over here lately..would also love yo get my CWP

  4. I would like to stop and take a moment and recognize Andy & Matt for what they have done with Fla Gun Supply and all the good it has brought to Citrus County. Besides bringing safety and knowledge about weapons and the good sportsmanship it brings for the younger crowd giving them something to do like target practice and such. Thanks much guys keep up the good work.

  5. i look foward to getting my concealed weapons permit in your classes! I would love to be that lucky winner of the firearm! I never win anything! Thanks Jackie Gebhart

  6. I’ve been wanting to take this class for a long time! Winning a spot would be so amazing!! Please & thank you! 😀

  7. My whole family has taken their CWC with you guys and I’ve heard nothing but great things! You guys seem great and I can’t wait to meet you and check out your store! Thanks for all you do!!!

  8. Got my concealed permit quickly after attending one of your classes. I must say you are a dedicated, hard-working team of friendly people, and I recommend you all every time I get a chance.
    Thanks for all the entertaining and informative videos, the training, all the members of your staff at Florida Gun Supply, and for the chances to win in your contests!

  9. Very excited to have found you all! Shared the video about the march and active shooter seminar. Would love to move up your way.thanks for standing strong for our 2nd Amendment rights!

  10. Heard a lot of good things about your style and love you have for the law abiding citizen to carry. I signed up and got my girlfriend and boss to sign up also. Looking forward to the class on 09/10/16

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