Florida Concealed Carry Permit Training Requirements

In order to apply for a concealed carry license in Florida you must take the National Rifle Association approved training course. The NRA approved class combines classroom and shooting range instruction that meets Florida’s requirements of passing a firearms safety course. These classes can be fun to attend and will teach the applicant about the many aspects of gun ownership and carry.

NRA Certified Instructor
Don’t take a Florida concealed carry class unless you see this logo.

What is the Concealed Carry Class like?

The concealed carry class is typically either a 3 hour or an 8 hour class, expect education on firearm mechanics and terminology, cleaning and maintenance of a firearm, concealed carry laws and limitations, liability issues, carry methods and restrictions, self-defense, how to deal with confrontational situations, and gun handling techniques.

That said, once an applicant completes a course they should have a new found respect for their firearms and the responsibility they have upon carrying their weapon.

Concealed Carry Class Shooting Range Instruction

You can expect that your instructor will take you to a range to ensure that you demonstrate firearm safety. You will have to show your  NRA Certified Instructor that you can handle your firearm with safety and proficiency, and you may be introduced to the operation of your firearm in terms of accurate shooting from common self-defense distances.

How long is Florida’s Concealed Carry Class?

Between 3-8 hours long.


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