Gun Show Comes to Inverness

The Citrus County Fairgrounds will host this year’s Inverness Gun Show that takes place July 13th to the 14th. The gun show will be held on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm and is only $6.00 for adults. You are encouraged to go to the gun show to see a large selection of guns, ammo, private collections and guns from local dealers.

A lot of people visit the gun show to buy, sale and trade guns but are unaware of the laws that govern gun sales at gun shows. Let’s take a look at Florida’s gun laws pertaining to gun shows.

Gun Show Firearm Purchase Laws

When it comes to gun purchase laws in Florida, the state operates much like the rest of the states in the country. You do not need a permit to buy a handgun in Florida, but there are some requirements when purchasing guns from Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealers. The three requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be a resident of the state
  2. You must pay the dealer for the gun
  3. You have fill out and pay for a background check

If you have a concealed carry license with you at the time of the background check, you may take your handgun with you. If not, you will have to wait for what is called a ‘cooling off’ period. Learn more about FFL licensees and FAQs before buying at a gun show.

The Gun Show Loop-hole

In 1998, Florida voters approved an amendment to the Constitution to mandate background checks for private gun sales. The most populous counties rushed to enact ordinances regulating gun shows and background checks regarding the sale of firearms.

Although the amendment was passed and most Florida counties placed ordinances on background checks for private gun sales, the criminal records checks are rarely enforced in Florida. Of the seven counties that have the ordinances, most say that the ordinances are completely ignored. Sheriff Deputies and police officers are responsible for seeing that the background checks are conducted, but acknowledge that they do little to ensure compliance. One gun show organizer called the gun show loophole a “feel-good law that had no impact on anything.”

Part of the problem with the law is that private gun sellers at gun shows have no easy way of doing background checks and therefore simply ignore the laws. Secondly, the violations are a low priority for law enforcement and are primarily driven by complaints.

CCW Florida

Although a permit is not required to purchase a gun at a gun show a Florida concealed weapons permit is required to carry a handgun on-person. For an NRA-approved firearm safety course contact Citrus County CCW today and purchase and carry firearms with the knowledge that you will be doing so in accordance with the law.

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