Outpost Shooting Range Lecanto, FL: LEAVE US ALONE.

Our Message to the Outpost Range: Leave us alone.

Focus on opening your own range, not squashing ours.

(Disclaimer: This letter is an editorial – which means everything you’re about to read is my OPINION. Therefore, I cannot be prosecuted for libel or slander…)

Before We Begin – We Need Your Help to Open Our Range

In my opinion, the Outpost Range is going to do everything they can do in order to get us not to open. They are the “big guy” trying to squash the “little guy.”

That makes me mad, and it should make you mad too.

So here’s how you can help.

We have a hearing with Citrus County on Thursday, August 15th, at 9AM.  We need you there to show your support of our small, 4 lane pistol range in Inverness on our 30 acre farm.


If you’re available, please email andy@citrusccw.com and RSVP and get more details if needed. Let’s show so much support for our pistol shooting range in Inverness that Citrus County has a hard time saying “no.”

Date: Thursday, August 15th at 9AM


Where: Lecanto Government Building (Citrus County Land Development)
3600 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 141, Lecanto, Fl. 34461

Room: 166

Come show us support, share us on Facebook, etc!

Now Onto the Story: Outpost Range Vs. Old McAndy Farms 


Outpost Range Lecanto FL
Leave us alone, Outpost Range. Focus on your own range, not our tiny 4 lane pistol range.

So, the Outpost Range in Lecanto, Florida is a shooting range that has been trying to open their doors for 2 years. They’re a huge, 66 (or so) acre shooting range with skeet, a 600 foot rifle range, handgun lanes, and all the extras.

How it All Started – The Outpost Range Owner’s Original Complaint to the County: BE FAIR

The owner of the new shooting range, Ron Goodenow heard that our business was taking off, and that we had people shooting on our property during our 3 Hour Concealed Carry Class. In my opinion, he didn’t want the competition from a little guy, so he filed a formal complaint with Citrus County against us. From what I understood, Ron didn’t think it was “fair” that I could teach these classes and he couldn’t open his range.

So we ended up winning the complaint, and the County told us that there was nothing wrong with what we were doing. Success!  I posted to Facebook that someone had filed a complaint, and that it was the owner of the Outpost Range.

Ron Sees My Facebook Complaint: Shows Up to My House

So I guess Ron must have seen my Facebook post and how angry people were that he filed a complaint into something that’s (in my opinion) none of his business, and he decided to show up to my house.

Well, Ron and I chatted about it, and he seemed like a genuinely cool guy. I apologized for blasting him on our Facebook page, and he apologized for being rude on the phone. He told me that his beef was with Citrus County, not with me. His position was that he just wanted the County to treat HIM and HIS RANGE fairly.  That’s completely understood, right?

It was a good chat.  I invited him into my home, offered him a drink, showed him what we were doing, etc. He left on good terms.

Ron’s Lawyer Sends a Letter to the County to Squash Our Range

Well, I received a letter from the County today that Ron’s lawyer submitted a letter with a whole bunch of things that were wrong with our range plans.  In my opinion, he wasn’t looking for fairness from the County – he was looking to squash us.  Read a copy of his letter below – does that look like a letter that is asking for fairness, or a letter asking for us to be squashed?  In my opinion, what we’re doing is none of his business, and I believe that Ron should focus on his own shooting range – not ours.

Citrus County is Big Enough for TWO Shooting Ranges: Let’s Play Nice, Outpost.

Two shooting ranges in Citrus County = Citrus County wins.  Let’s be friends!

Here’s a copy of the Outpost Range’s letter to the County. Read it and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Click here to download Outpost Range's letter to the County regarding the range here at Old McAndy Farms. Let us know your thoughts below.
Click here to download Outpost Range’s letter to the County regarding the range here at Old McAndy Farms. Let us know your thoughts below.

Citrus County Chronicle’s Story on Our Range




  1. Glad you posted this, Andy. I’ve been looking for a local shooting range,to take my son to,and you can bet it won’t be Outpost ! I’ll see ya August 15th !

  2. that is nothing but a witch hunt. Hopefully the county will see through Outpost range’s attempt to halt a persons right to the American dream. The letter said nothing about the county and Outposts adgenda, only what you were trying to do. Count on me being there on the 15 th for support.

    Kevin Moore

  3. Mr. Stilwell has lost most of the respect I had for him. He was a fair and considerate person when I knew him. It looks like he is just out for the money now. It is shameful that someone needs to try to destroy someone else’s dream to try and further their own. If they have enough money to piss away on lawyers to stop this range, then why have they not opened their own range, at least partially. I will spread the word and try to get people out to support the cause.

  4. I think there should be another shooting range and the one in Lecanto should be shut down. 2 times stray bullets have come in our yard. One hitting the pool screen and the other putting a hole in our detached garage. We found the bullet inside the garage. Our grandchildren could have been killed and all the police officer said well they weren’t were they. I am with you and hope you can open yours.

  5. good luck, these people are bullies. We need more people like you in our county. Thank you for teaching new gun owners safety. I am a 70 year old lady that would love a gun and relearn how to use it. Hope to see you on the 15th with my hubby in tow.

  6. Andrew I feel you are 100% in the right and what’s wrong with competition as for me let me know soon as you open my wife and I would love to be patron’s of your range

  7. Size matters, sure the county is asking a lot from Outpost, look at the size of the operation. Your looking to open a small 4 lane pistol only range. I really don’t understand them, the more people into firearms (the right way) the better for all. Instead of attacking you they should be joining up with you to get BOTH ranges open. And it reeeealy irks me that the guy could be so two faced about it too. Schedule allowing I’ll be there.

    • Yes certainly,We have the right of self defense .
      While the politicians are trying to Stop Americans
      from Having our selfdefense weapons at this time .
      2 Different ranges,
      Offering Gun Safety and Marksmanship is Welcome in Citrus county And the whole Tri Area.

      Semper Fi,!

  8. Good luck… Citrus needs a shooting range & doing business in the manner of Outpost just don’t gain my respect or business!

  9. biggest rednecks on the planet. so glad I got out of there. To think the best part of this area is a broke down, closed tofu plant.

  10. I am glad they are making the Outpost stick to what was proposed. 50 cal. that travel 4 (?) miles would do damage to two schools alone in the residential areas surrounding it. Keep fighting, what you are doing makes sense. I have my concealed carry and my husband is next to get one, will be in touch!

  11. what happened to our right to open a business as long as it complys with regulations.i dont live in citrus county however my daughter does and thats how i saw this on FB.I support you in your efforts to open your gun range and feel if the county says no they should be removed from their positions.good luck with this and if you havta take this to a state lvl court to ill support you.i will ask my daughter to try and attend this meeting in support of you.

  12. My recommendation: Gentlemen, resolve your differences quickly, quietly, & under the radar. The Lib-Tards can & will take every piece of documentation they can get their hands on and use it against you (and us). The community, and our country, need you there to promote the positive aspects of firearms, and provide us with convenient & affordable locations to exercise our Second-Amendment rights.

  13. Sounds like that feller is in ca-hoots with the big “O” and meddling where he needs not to be! Where exactly, (Lecanto Gov Bldg), is this hearing going to be? I am new to Lecanto and it is now my permanent home. We definitely need a place to shoot!

  14. I don’t know anything about guns or shooting (just never had the opportunity) but people need to mind their own business unless it is a danger to other people or pets. I have seen so many people with “Big Agendas” that have the need to stroke their own ego’s in front of others it makes me ill.

  15. I Think we Need a close Range here in Lecanto and its the cap with the good o-boy BS and I’ll stand we with you and i’m a 100% disable Vet and i can get plenty of my vet friends to back this range so let us know when the meeting is. And this is a VERY GOOD THING!!!

  16. We will be there at Old Andys Farms as soon as we get out lisense back from state, to do some practice. The LORD will make all this happen, AMEN

  17. Hi, Andy. The date has been on my calendar. Although Cindi is working, I’ll make every attempt to be there. I find it hard to believe that Outpost would find your range to be of ANY impact to their business. My intentions, with both ranges available, would be using both; yours primarily for some simple, short, close-range (and quieter) practice in lieu of my using Outpost for multiple lane work. I find the entire argument from Ron somewhat distasteful.


  18. I guess the county would rather us keep loading the retention pond full of lead in citrus springs than to let us have a safe and legitimate place to practice safe shooting. Government can be so naive. You have my support. Hope all works out in the end. Mike

  19. Andy , I will be there, I think you are doing a great service to all of us in Citrus County !!! We need a place to goto where its a down home feeling and welcoming. See you Thursday and I am Proud to support your efforts on this !!! Thank you so much

  20. It is apparent Ron’s little visit to your home was a fact finding mission. I really can not stand two faced people. All smiles and happy to your face and stab you in the back afterwards. What Ron has not thought of is “Competition Breeds Successful Businesses.” What one business does not offer the other does. Instead of working against each other, This is a perfect opportunity for both parties to work together and achieve the same goal. Educating people the correct and safe way to handle firearms. I know of some areas in Citrus County in which people just shoot off in their back yards, not thinking of safety or others in the neighborhood. Your business provides the community a safe environment for people to train. I hope to see you at this meeting. Ron needs to learn from the past. Trying to be a monopoly did not work for I.T.T. back in the 1970’s and it will not work for him. The state that this country is in, all Real Americans who love and have fought for this country need to arm themselves. We are in for a rocky future. We need to all work together.

  21. All gun businesses and gun owners need to stick together . Good luck to you and your business. Thank you for practicing safety up to NRA standards.We will support your efforts because you sound very ethical. Good luck to you again.
    Chris ….Whiskey Ridge Firearms Lake County Florida

  22. Just consider the source, the owners of the Outpost Range are also the owners of American Pro Diving Center. They have already established themselves as bullies in the community through their diving shop. The owners are classless to say the least.

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