Panera Bread in Ocala Robbed at Gunpoint – Do You Have Your CCW Yet?

Panera Bread in Ocala, FL was robbed at gunpoint Monday. Do you have your CCW?
Panera Bread in Ocala, FL was robbed at gunpoint Monday. Do you have your CCW?
Panera Bread in Ocala, FL was robbed at gunpoint Monday. Do you have your CCW?

What Would You Have Done If Your Were There?

Panera Bread in Ocala was robbed at gunpoint on Monday. At around 11PM, a guy with a gun walked in the back door of the Panera Bread on College Road and ordered two employees to get on the floor.

He then put the gun directly to the manager’s head and forced her to empty all the money from the cash register into a paper bag.

He then forced her to open the safe, and he stole all the money from the safe as well.

What would you have done if you were there?  Do you have a concealed carry permit?

He May Not Have Hurt Anyone Now, But What About Next Time?

In this situation, the anti-gun people would tell you that it would be “wrong” to engage in a confrontation with your firearm in defense of human life.  They would say, “he didn’t hurt anyone, it’s better for him to just steal the cash and leave.”

Sure, this guy didn’t hurt anyone this time, but what about next time?  What if he was more desperate? What if he was on a different kind of drug that made him even more aggressive?

To Engage or Not to Engage… That Is the Question 

Deciding on when, how, or if you would have engaged is tough. None of us were there. All we can know about the story is what we heard on the news.

It is important, however, that Florida law allows you to meet deadly force with deadly force. In the event that a criminal is putting life in danger of death or serious bodily injury, you are legally allowed to meet that danger with deadly force in defense of human life.

That said, had I been there, and if I could get a clear shot, I certainly would have taken the shot. Human life is the most important thing on this planet – I would protect it at all costs.

What would you have done? Leave some thoughts in the comments below.


  1. First off I wouldn’t have left the back door open but if the thug came in and told me to lay on the floor at the first chance I had while the thug was busy with the manager opening the safe I would have drawn my weapon and waited till I had a clear shot or was able to suprise the thug from behind and jam my weapon into his head yelling drop it or I will blow your brains all over the place. Then waited for police to come and remove the parisite from the business.Just my thought.

  2. First of all panera bread should be insured. Second, money is not worth dying over. Third, the robber will get caught so leave it in the hands of the lord Jesus christ

  3. I would have used my special training I recived at a covert krispy kream location and distracted him. By wailing any products near me at him. then pulled my north American mimi revolver and took him down with a cylinder full of 22 Winchester magnum rimfire critical defence load.

  4. The door should have been locked. That being said, I think it would depend greatly on company policy. There is always a plan of action in a business that carries cash on hand. The manager would have to adhere to those procedures.

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