Even People in Illinois Believe that Concealed Carry Permits Decrease Violence

An armed robbery spurred an online poll asking readers if they believed that concealed carry permits would decrease violence in Illinois.

The online news source, the Patch, featured the poll on its article in mid-April asking specifically: “Will legalizing conceal carry in Illinois increase or decrease death and injury from gunshots?” The poll, although unscientific, was still representative of the sentiments of local citizens and 41 of 66 voted that they were in favor of legalizing concealed carry permits in the state.

We wrote before that Illinois is the last state that is trying to figure out its concealed carry laws and is being forced to reach a decision by early June. The state placed a ban on concealed carry weapons which was quickly abolished by the U.S. Circuit Court on the grounds that the ban violated the Second Amendment. If the state does not pass any legislation, concealed carry will go into effect without restriction.

The Crime that Spurred the Concealed Carry Poll

Three suspects that are now in police custody held up a storefront by gunpoint while stealing merchandise. According to reports, two of the suspects entered the store with one threatening the employees and customers at gunpoint. The two suspects ordered the victims into the back office while they proceeded to load merchandise into a car driven by the third suspect. The offenders were eventually caught after a police chase which ended on foot. No victims were injured during the robbery.

After reading the report on the Patch, readers expressed their sentiments regarding how concealed carry would have affected the situation. One reader felt that concealed carry laws would have prevented the situation. “A great example of why we need concealed carry in Illinois,” the reader wrote. “Another example of a bad guy with a gun and helpless individuals being taken advantage of.” Another reader responded to this pro-gun comment in disagreement stating that a good guy with a gun could have exacerbated the situation.

The chain of comments led the online newspaper to the poll which ultimately showcased the feelings of so many citizens of Illinois and of America in general—concealed carry laws can decrease violence. ““The fact is these situations occur far too often in Illinois because people can’t carry, and criminals know that,” one poll respondent wrote. “The only people Illinois anti-carry laws hurt are law-abiding citizens.”

Concealed Carry in Florida

Luckily citizens in Florida can legally carry concealed guns with permits from local companies like Citrus County CCW. What are your thoughts on Illinois’ reluctance to grant their citizens concealed carry permits? Let us know in the comments.

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