1. I am 67 and a Registered Nurse. My attempt to obtain a Concealed weapons permit was denied because charges against me of 50 years ago cannot be verified as dismissed because of their age and the fact that these were no longer available having been destroyed.
    Is there a way around this as I was asked to prove the disposition of these charges. None were felonies but there was an assault and a drug charge. dismissed. What can be done in cases like this.
    Thank You

  2. is your range open ?,i’m looking for a close range(i live in hernando)and after reading about the range war,i want to be sure to avoid shmucks like that,and would feel better about using a mom&pop(starter)range to grow old with,are you guys open yet?

    • I have had a concealed weapons permit in Michigan for several years before they required taking firearms safety classes to keep your permit. I took the class and obtain the new concealed weapons or carry permit as it is called in Michigan. After moving to Florida I did not transfer the license to a Florida license. I have the correct documentation to prove that the safety class was taken and still have my expired Michigan carry permit. My question is do I need to take the new class to obtain a Florida concealed weapons or carry permit?

  3. I am interested in the North American Arms Magnum 5-shot Mini Pistol which you show out of stock….please let me know when you have in stock for purchase.

  4. I`m wanting start with your safety gun class.my question is are we suppose to bring our handgun to this class.

  5. I took my first intro to firearms class yesterday.i thought it was very informative and I plan to take ccw glass soon.these guys are very good instuctors,i suggest anyone interested in owning a gun to take thier classes you will learn a lot.

  6. I registered for your class on Tuesday Feb. 116th but regret that I will not be able to attend due to a family emergency. I will reschedule when I return. Thank you, Debra Palmer

  7. Does Andrew give private lessons? If so please give us the cost and availability for my husband and myself. We feel we need more basic instruction and hands on practice before we get licenses and our gun or guns.
    Eric and Sue Sandstrom

  8. Wi. Has a law on back child support as a felony. Would this felony keep a person from getting a canceled carry permit in Florida?

  9. I bought a gun but have never used one want to take the concealed weapons class to get my permit do I need to take the intro next Tuesday and concealed weapons on say the 26

  10. I took the class today to obtain my carry permit. I wanted to give a very objective view of the class as I had read some of the comments prior to attending. I found the personnel to be very accommodating creating a family like atmosphere. Deb was great, and the cookies, well I could get distracted. Andy is a talented instructor and has passion for his country. He is also a businessman. I heard that part of the class was selling other services, and it is, no excuses there. FGS offers other classes and services to make you a more prepared citizen who carries. If you do not have a need for the services you can put on your big boy pants and say no, it’s respected. In our class we had a 7 year old child. Andy paid special attention to her to ensure she had the proper safety gear and I did notice he wouldn’t take any money for the rental for her. I found the FGS group to be highly patriotic, love their country and each other and care enough to pass along sound instruction in an entertaining fashion. I would recommend this course. Good business, good people, good time.

  11. My husband and I took the Conceal Carry class yesterday. Our instructor, Bryan, was very knowledgeable, polite and genuinely interested in making sure the entire class was engaged and included. We are new residents to FL and both 55 +. I can definitely recommend and will encourage others that this is a class well worth your time at any age! Thanks Florida Gun Supply and Bryan!

  12. I want to say a big THANK YOU again to instructor Bryan who gave me the confidence to hold and shoot a gun for the 1st time in my life. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable. I plan to schedule another lesson since I had such a Wonderful experience with him. Thanks Florida Gun Supply for having Bryan there to teach and support me.

  13. problem with your email site to sign up for your classes. Cannot put in my credit card number. Please contact me. Tried your phone number no one answers. Just recorded message.

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