The Top 5 Craziest Citrus County News Stories of 2015


I’m stranded in Massachusetts while my county goes crazy!

Here I sit, stuck in Massachusetts thanks to Winter Storm Juno.

I’m not actually stuck because of the amount of snow on the ground. Nope, that’s not the issue – we could have made it through this storm had it not been for the silly travel ban that Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey have set in place.

Our plans to have a nice, relaxing trip home were spoiled. Thanks, Juno, and thanks Big Government politicians who believe that they make better choices for me than I do.)


Oh, and would you like to know the WORST part about being stranded in my home state of Tax-a-two-sh**ts?

Even though I’m an NRA Certified Instructor who has trained over 3700 students, I am a licensed firearms dealer, grew up in Massachusetts, am certified to carry in 35 states, and am darn good looking – I can’t legally carry a handgun in Massachusetts.

How screwed up is that? Is this real life?

I might not love Massachusetts or being stranded here, but I’m Still Proud™

The snow is beautiful… the state of the world is not.

When I sat down to write tonight, I started wandering over to the Drudge Report (my favorite news source), Fox News, CNN, and then finally over to the Citrus County Chronicle’s website as well.

(Yes, I pay for the Citrus County Chronicle’s stupid $6.99 online subscription, and NO, they do NOT have less annoying ads or popups when you’re a subscriber. I promise, no pop-ups for Florida Gun Supply – EVER!)

Here’s what I found – and this is JUST in the local Citrus County Chronicle.

Read, share on Facebook, and then come take our concealed carry class. 

It’s time.

Crazy Local News Story #1: Betsy Louise, a gun, and a motorcyclist: What really happened?

The first headline that interested me in the Chronicle was the local news headline, “Woman claims self-defense in shooting.

I read the article, and here’s a rundown of what Betsy Louise said happened:

  • A guy on a motorcycle pulls in front of her, slams on his breaks
  • She pulls over to the side of the road to avoid him
  • He gets off his bike and approaches her
  • She fires two warning shots at him to scare him off

This actually sounds borderline reasonable – except for the warning shot bit – but maybe she really was scared. The problem is what the witnesses said.

According to some witnesses, Betsy may have seen her shooting at the motorcyclist as he was speeding away, which is contrary to Betsy’s version of the shooting.

That’s a BIG no-no. You can’t shoot at someone leaving the scene of a crime. The threat is no longer a threat at that point.

Not only that, but she actually fired 4 out of 5 rounds of her revolver – not just 2. How scared would someone need to be to fire 4 warning shots? Pretty scared!

I’ll be watching the news for more on this one.

This is Betsy Louise Ford. I'll be reserving judgement until the jury decides, but leave your comments below if you think she was in the right.
This is Betsy Louise Ford. I’ll be reserving judgement until the jury decides, but leave your comments below if you think she was in the right.

Citrus Count is getting nuts.

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Crazy Local News Story #2: “…two Samurai swords, a bent kitchen knife, and an uncased chainsaw…”

Back in June, a guy and a girl argued while on drugs. (What else is new?) This picture-perfect couple is back in the news today because she was found guilty. Here’s what went down.

From what I read, they were arguing pretty heavily, and she attacked him with a knife, stabbing him.

It sounds like he bled pretty badly and barricaded himself in the bathroom. He escaped out the bathroom window after the dispatcher gave him the bright idea. (Not sure why he didn’t think of it himself, but I’d be willing to bet that drugs were involved in heavy amounts.)

This was my favorite part of the entire article:

Deputies entered the house through a rear sliding door and confronted Austin, who was holding a Samurai sword over her head in a striking position. She dropped it at their command. It was one of two Samurai swords recovered, along with a bent kitchen knife and an uncased chainsaw.

I don’t normally cuss on my blog, but I just have to say it: that b**** was p****ed!


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Crazy Local News Story #3: Guy shoots his girlfriend, then shoots himself. Right here in Citrus County.

Yep, right here in Citrus County, Jeffery Michael Lloyd got into an argument with his girlfriend and pulled a gun on her when asking to leave the house.

Seriously, guys, what gives? What a coward. He’ll be someone’s “special friend” for the next 25 years.

On to a bigger issue: why do I keep hearing stories about people pulling guns on each other, or stabbing each other when they are arguing?

Why can’t an argument just be an argument anymore?

C’mon, people, seriously. There was a time in America where people could act like gentlemen; days when an argument was just an argument, and nobody showed back up with a knife or a gun.

Old fashioned morals are gone… for now. Let’s bring them back.

Starting today, let’s all work together to bring those old fashioned values back into the daily lives of all Americans.

Show your true colors by joining the Still Proud™ Movement.

This is Jeffrey Michael Lloyd. He will not look so young in 25 years.
This is Jeffrey Michael Lloyd. He will not look so young in 25 years of tough prison life.

Crazy Local News Story #4: Son tried to “kill the devil” by stabbing his mother in the face

This is truly disgusting, so if you get queasy easily, skip this section.

Basically, Michael Brian Hayes was found by Citrus County Sheriff deputies in the middle of the road in Lecanto. He was kneeling on top of his mother, stabbing her in the head and arms as many times as he could.

He put down the knife when told to do so by the Deputies.

He stabbed her so hard that it bent the knife.

When asked why he did it, this is his response:

Hayes told deputies he was sorry that he had to “kill the devil,” and he admitted to stabbing his mother so hard that he bent the knife blade.

Real evil exists in this world.

Protect yourself and the ones you love with another tool at your side:

get a concealed carry permit and carry daily.

This is one seriously deranged and evil man. Lock your doors at night and keep a gun by the bed - guys like this are among us.
This is one seriously deranged and evil man. Lock your doors at night and keep a gun by the bed – guys like this are among us.

Crazy Local News Story #5: Alcohol induced rage leads to brutal assault and terrible mug shot

So, apparently Robert Pintze got so drunk and belligerent that his girlfriend locked him out of the house to chill out for a little while.

After he kicked and punched at the door, and caused a big enough scene to make things totally weird, she stupidly opened the door and allowed Robert to come back in.

He attacked her so brutally that two neighbors AND the cops had to get involved to stop him.

Nice mug shot, woman beater. Rot in hell.

Enough said, Robert.
Enough said, Robert.

Things are getting nuts in life: come get your concealed carry permit today.


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