Top 6 Firearm Accident Videos On YouTube

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Here’s Our Online Gun Store’s Compilation of the Top 6 Firearm Accident Videos on YouTube

…and Our Explanation of How to Prevent Each Accident

All firearm accidents are accidents that could have been avoided. Some of these videos are funny, some are scary, but they’re all due to breaking our 3 Rules of Safe Gun Handling. These three rules are preached in every concealed carry class in Ameirca and should be followed at all times.

  1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. Always keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.

Check out these videos and share this with your friends so we can prevent this from happening to ourselves or anyone we know!

Firearm Accident Video #6: DEA Agent Shoots Himself in the Foot

What’s funnier than a gangster DEA agent? A black DEA agent shooting himself in the foot in front of a class of 6th graders.


When “Mr. Professional” DEA agent takes his Glock 23 out of his holster, he keeps it in a safe direction and kept his finger off the trigger. He took the magazine out and locked the slide back, which are the two steps required to unload a Glock. When he racked the slide back, the gun should have ejected the .40 round out of the chamber – but it didn’t.

He had a failure to eject. After he releases the slide, the gun is then ready to go with the chamber still loaded. Had he visually inspected the chamber, he would have seen that it was loaded. Because it was still loaded, he shot himself in the foot while trying to take the gun apart.

Firearm safety tip: We train every student in our concealed carry classes to visually inspect the chamber before and after handling your firearm – every single time.

Thanks, “Mr. Professional” for teaching us a lesson the easy way (for us!).

Firearm Accident Video #5: Guy Shoots Gun in House by Accident

Here in number 9 we have a wanna-be-gangsta being all “hard” and explaining to his little friend how badass he is. I didn’t know badasses say things like, “My mom’s gonna kill me” after they accidentally discharge a firearm while in his mother’s living room. Watch and laugh with me.


Mr. Moron has no idea what gun safety is, and he’s obviously just too young (and too much of an idiot) not to play with loaded guns.

Oh, and on top of that, he was drinking. Good life choices, young man, your father must be proud.

Anyway, Mr. Moron pulled the trigger of a loaded firearm without any regard to what was going to happen. Had he known how to unload the gun, which I’m sure he was clueless, he would have been much better off.

Firearm safety tip: We train every student in our concealed carry classes not to be idiots. Period. 

Firearm Accident Video #4: Another Stupid Kid Has Accidental Discharge

What happens when kids try to be badasses and play with loaded handguns in their parent’s house? Bad things. Not to mention: he could have done this demonstration with the gun unloaded. Idiot.


For those of you who’ve never heard of Snap Caps, they are super important to practicing with your firearm in the safety of your own home.

Here’s a picture of Snap Caps. Use these plastic dummy round when practicing with your firearm.

Practicing with your gun is absolutely essential. You should be practicing your draw on a daily basis just in case you ever need to use your gun. You never want to learn how to get your gun out of your purse or ankle holster at a gas station when lives are at risk.

This kid made one crucial mistake: he didn’t realize that he didn’t have to actually load the firearm before he started demonstrating to his friends how to de-cock it. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! Silly kid, guns are not for idiots.

Firearm safety tip: We train every one of our concealed carry classes not to f*** around with guns.

Firearm Accident Video #3: Accidental Discharge by Another Idiot with Gun

Why the heck does this guy keep pointing his gun down after every shot? And why didn’t he hit the pumpkin the first time? Watch and see what I mean.


Is it just me, or does this guy remind you of people shooting at the shooting range in the Ocala National Forest? Completely unsafe. Bad boy.

C’mon, idiot, why would you ever handle a gun like this? It’s completely dangerous to your feet and other lower body parts.

Firearm safety tip: We teach every concealed carry class to exercise proper follow through techniques – which means keeping the firearm aimed at your target after each shot. 

Firearm Accident Video #2: Guy Shoots Himself in the Leg When Drawing from Holster

This dude is just way too excited. He thinks he’s a whole lot cooler than he actually is. He proves this on video. Lucky us. Watch below.

First of all, this is actually a pretty common accident – but this should be practiced with your Snap Caps HUNDREDS of times before you ever practice this with a loaded pistol.

The other thing that I have an issue with, besides how much of an idiot this guy is, is how close he is to the target.

He’s standing face to face with his target as he would be if he was in a bar arguing with a guy he was about to fight with. When will you ever be that close to your attacker? O

r was he just trying to teach people how to turn a fist fight into a gun fight? Idiot.

Firearm safety tip: We teach every concealed carry class to keep their finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. And we hit them with bricks if they don’t.

Firearm Accident Video #1: Guy Shoots Himself in the Leg When Drawing from Holster

This is our top gun accident for a reason – this is by far the most serious accident. Watch below. This guy had a hang fire. A hang fire is a delayed reaction – which means the primer doesn’t immediately light the gun powder, so the firearm doesn’t discharge immediately. He’s lucky he isn’t dead.

Firearm safety tip: We teach every one of our concealed carry classes to assume every misfire is a hangfire – and to keep the gun down range and their finger off the trigger in case the round was delayed.  banner-getyourpermit

Bye bye, gangsta!
Bye bye, gangsta!

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