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  1. Wish you had your November schedule posted on the calendar. Want my wife to take your class and our calendar goes into November and December.

  2. Any classes between now, 12/18 and 12/29?
    I would love to take one with my daughter before I leave town.
    Any chance of the store having Glock 26 Gen 4? Did not see one on-line. Daughter wishes one for Christmas, and I might get one too.
    I would prefer to buy local.
    Thanks, Ron

  3. do you have any openings for this next Saturday’s class. I’m never home when you have a class for this Saturday I might be home

  4. I need a class on the following days due to my work schedule. Mon.-Tue mornings. Thank You I hope to get in April 2014 class 352-341-1786

  5. 3 of us are interested in conceal carry permits
    2 of us took the course 4 or 5 yrs ago and passed but never did send off for our permits

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