Citrus County Firearms Transfers

Citrus County Firearms Transfers

If you are seeking a new gun in Citrus County you will be pleased to learn about our new Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) Federal Firearms License (FFL). Under Federal law, new firearms can only be sold by businesses with this license. Our license also permits us to buy and sell used firearms so if you find a gun anywhere in the United States and need it shipped to you, consider us for your Citrus County firearm transfer needs.

Citrus County CCW has been issued a license from the Federal government but we are also subject to many local laws and regulations that you may be unaware of. As such, we may only offer guns that are legal within the state, county, and city in which we operate. These laws can often get citizens into trouble because the BATFE has laws that the average Joe is often unaware of. For these reasons it is important to always purchase guns from a FFL. If you are in Citrus County or a neighboring area, you have likely heard of Citrus County CCW and are aware of our long-standing local reputation.

Buying a Gun from a Citrus County FFL Dealer

When you are ready to purchase a gun or request a Citrus County firearm transfer, we will help you to follow a very specific set of rules and regulations. The federal paperwork requirements must be followed to a tee and allow us as your dealer very little discretion. Expect us to request a photo ID as well as the proper filling out of Form 4473.

If you are buying a handgun, we will call in your personal information to a federal clearinghouse called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The NICS will approve, delay, or deny your purchase. If the sale is approved, we will be given an authorization code that will be noted on your paperwork. If you are delayed this does not necessarily mean that you will be denied. Denies are not common but do happen and can be investigated and appealed if you feel they are wrongly authorized.

Purchase a Gun from Us

The process to buy a gun from a Citrus County FFL dealer may sound complicated but most of the hard work goes through the dealer, not the buyer. Basically you just find the gun you wish to purchase and we walk you through the paperwork and help transfer it to you. It is really quite simple for the buyer.

Contact Citrus County CCW today to learn more about buying or selling guns in Citrus County.

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