Student Who Took Our Class in August Used Pistol in Self Defense

How Johnathan Paugh Had the Courage to Do What’s Right

Quality Inn Crystal River, FL
Quality Inn Crystal River, FL

John was working at the Quality Inn in Crystal River, Florida – which was robbed a month ago. The strange part? John wasn’t working the last time they got robbed, but he received his concealed carry permit in the mail the day it was robbed. He made a commitment to carry daily from the minute forward.

Ever since they were robbed, they now keep the front door locked.

At about 4:30AM, a guy came to the front door asking for a cup of water. John went and got a cup of water, and cracked open the front door a tiny bit to hand it to the guy. The guy drank the water, and John went back to what he was doing.

A few minutes later, the guy asked for another cup of water. John went and got another cup, and then again unlocked the front door and was trying to hand him the cup of water when the guy pulled a knife and forced his way inside.

After forcing his way inside, he follows John back to the back of the counter and was demanding “all the money” over and over.  Before John complied, John asked the robber to display his own gun or knife to see what he was up against, and the robber did pull a knife.

The first time John was able to grab for his gun was after the guy grabbed a few bucks from the cash register and had turned around.  He fired one round and the guy ran for his LIFE out the front door.

The Police have cleared him of any wrongdoing, and they believe that it was the same guy who had robbed the place just a month before.

Moral of The Story? Get Your Concealed Carry Permit, Use Our Range, and Carry Daily

I hear a lot of people say, “I don’t need to carry a gun because I’m not afraid.”

I think these people are missing the point!  We don’t carry guns because we’re afraid.

We don’t put on our seat belts because we’re afraid of getting into an accident – we put on our seat belts “just in case.”  Our seat belts, our air bags, and the life vests on our boat are all there to protect our lives in an emergency.

Handguns exist for the same reason – to protect human life in an emergency.

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Lawful Self Defense

Top Reasons Why I’d Rather Be Up Against a Gun Than a Knife Any Day

I would much rather face an opponent who had a gun than an opponent who had a knife – and here’s why:

  1. Knives don’t jam
  2. You don’t need to reload a knife
  3. Knives hardly ever miss
  4. Criminals don’t go to the range and practice with their firearms, which means they can’t shoot very well

A Word on .380 Caliber “Pocket Guns”

Ruger LCPs, Taurus TCPs, and the the Desert Eagle .380 are all good example of what I call “pocket guns” or “gut guns.”

These guns are really excellent for putting in your pocket and concealing anywhere, in any outfit, any time.  But they’re good for one thing: SUPER close combat.

Taurus PT738 .380ACP

These guns are too small and have too strong of a trigger pull to be very accurate from more than 5 or 6 feet when you’re under stress.  That said, any gun is always better than no gun – but if you feel that you might be facing a threat from more than 5 feet away, you might want to consider upgrading to something a bit bigger.

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