Why are you giving FREE concealed carry classes?

Our motto is simple: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. 

In the last 5 years, we've:

  • Trained and qualified over 18,000 lawful Florida citizens
  • Helped each and every one of them to get their Florida concealed carry permit
  • Kept each person safe by providing in-depth training for a structured foundation of firearm training

Our classes are normally $85 per person, but the terrorists are still attacking, cops are still being shot, and we want to make a HUGE impact across Florida. That's why we have started NEW mobile concealed carry classes in Tampa. Right now, we're offering FREE concealed carry classes at LIMITED times and locations across Florida. We just ask you to help out by paying $20 towards our room rental costs.

What do I need to bring with me to the FREE Concealed Carry Class Blitz?


You don't have to bring anything if you don't want to, but feel free to bring your own semi-automatic or revolver that is chambered in .22LR, .380ACP, .38SPL, 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP.

Guns we don't allow in the class:

  • Highpoint Firearms
  • Jeminez Firearms
  • Cobra Firearms
  • Guns with a flip top
  • Guns without a slide stop (Ruger LCP, Keltec P3AT, Beretta Nano, Walther PK380)

What do I do AFTER I take your FREE Concealed Carry Class to get my concealed carry license?

Our ONE goal is to help you get your concealed carry permit in Florida. 

That's why we make it so easy.

Here's what we recommend for you to get your concealed carry permit finalized:

  1. Take our FREE Concealed Carry Class in Tampa.
  2. Get your photos taken and application notarized WHILE YOU'RE HERE for $20 extra dollars
  3. Get your fingerprints taken (even if you've already had them done before)
  4. Drop your application in the mail with a check or money order for $60

Wait, doesn't the DMV process concealed carry applications?

Yes, the DMV does process concealed carry applications - but the appointments are about a month out - and nobody likes to wait at the DMV all day! Plus, if you get your passport photos and notary done at Florida Gun Supply, you save money - the DMV charges more to process your application. In order to submit your application to the State of Florida, you'll need to get your passport photos taken and your application notarized. MOST people do this at Florida Gun Supply for just $20 extra dollars: then the only thing you need to do is get your fingerprints and mail in the application!

Do I need my own gun to take part in your FREE Concealed Carry Class?

 No, you can use our guns during class.

How many people can you fit in a FREE Concealed Carry Class?

Unless we have special circumstances, we can only fit up to 40. These seats are already filling up fast!

Where will class be held?

It will be held at Courtyard Westshore Tampa 3805 W Cypress St. Tampa FL 33607.

How old do you have to be to take the class?

 We have no age requirement to take the class. Florida law doesn't allow anyone under 21 to carry concealed, however, we allow any age to come through our class. We highly encourage families to come take the class together because the fundamentals we teach will keep the entire family safe from harm.