Firearm Training Courses

Firearms 101: Basic Introduction to Firearms

New shooters and children are welcome!
1.5 hours | $10

This is absolutely where you start your journey with us here at Florida Gun Supply. Even if you already have some firearm handling experience behind you – or if you’re completely new: this is ground zero where you can learn the basic fundamentals that will prepare you for all of our firearm training. This is a PERFECT introduction to firearms because there is NO LIVE SHOOTING.

  • 3 rules of safe gun handling that will keep every person safe
  • No one will ever get hurt if you learn and practice our Firearm Safety Method!
  • How to handle a gun so that you’ll avoid injury to yourself or others

This class is held every other Tuesday night at 6:00PM. Click here to sign up now. 

3 Hour Basic Pistol Safety Class

This class will qualify you for your Florida carry permit
3 hours | FREE

This is your classic class to get you certified to carry a concealed firearm here in Florida. Classes typically have 20-30 people in class and range in skill level. Expect 2 hours in the classroom and 1 hour on the range. Also covered in class:

  • Florida law (so you don’t get arrested for something you didn’t know!)
  • Safe firearm procedures that keep everyone safe
  • Florida Gun Supply’s classic method of training
  • Proper hold, grip, aiming, and sight picture
  • Tips on how to be a more awesome person in general

Click here to sign up for our next 3 Hour Basic Pistol Safety Class!

Home Invasion Protection Package

New Shooters Welcome!
1 Session | $169

The Home Invasion Protection Package is the perfect combination of classroom and simulator training workshop for both new and experienced shooters to learn valuable fundamentals including:

  • How to survive a home invasion scenario
  • Simulated home-invasion scenarios (practice the real deal in our $22,000 firearm training simulator!)
  • Trigger control fundamentals
  • Proper shooting stance
  • Law of 21

Click here for a $100 Coupon towards the Home Invasion Protection Package!


React Shooting Workshop

PREREQUISITE: CCW Class or Simulator Training
3-4 Hours | $147

The REACT Shooting Class is a class designed to teach you how to win in a shooting scenario. This is a class that is 100% on the shooting range: so make sure you have a belt, plenty of ammunition, and close-toed-shoes.

Topics covered:

  • Drawing from a holster
  • Point Shooting
  • Stance
  • Accuracy under fire

Click here for a coupon to get your REACT Shooting Class for just $49 instead of $147!

Already pre-paid for REACT? Click here to schedule your REACT Workshop!


Simulator Training

New Shooters Welcome!
1 Hours | $70

The Gunfighter Shooting Simulator: Training that Will Save Your Life! This is a $22,000 firearm training simulator – it’s the same training simulator used by law enforcement and military across the planet.

Benefits of simulator training:

  • Climate controlled environment
  • No additional expenses shooting costly ammunition
  • Completely safe classroom enviroment
  • Realistic training scenarios to get you both physically and mentally prepared

Click here to sign up for your simulator training at 50% off!

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