Advanced Home Defense (Pistol) Course: 2 Hours

It’s not possible to become a Jedi overnight… but Florida Gun Supply can get you there.

Pass this class and you’ll also be able to compete for prizes in our monthly pistol competitions!


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No one has trained more people in Central Florida than Florida Gun Supply.

Florida Gun Supply is on a crusade to arm and train America: not to just get people to get their concealed carry permit. That’s why we’re now offering our Advanced Home Defense Class.

There’s no live fire in this class: we’ll be teaching you everything you need to go home and practice so you can come back and take our Tactical Self Defense Class.

Save your ammo: you’ll need at least 200 rounds to pass our Tactical Self Defense Class.

What will I be learning in the Advanced Home Defense Class?

You’ll get the tools and training required to bring you to the next steps. Here are just a few of the items covered:

  • Drawing and firing from a holster in an emergency situation (using Snap Caps)
  • Tactical reloading drills (with Snap Caps)
  • Emergency response drills
  • Tactical jam clearing
  • Moving while shooting
  • Running and gunning

What will I need to bring to the Advanced Home Defense Class?

You’ll need to have a pack of Snap Caps (about $20 bucks), but the only other thing you’ll need is your favorite gun and your favorite holster. Feel free to bring different guns and different styles of holsters: but your ammunition will need to stay home.

What level of skill is required to take the Advanced Home Defense Class?

This class was designed to be the next steps for any student who has taken our concealed carry class, but any person with a concealed carry permit may attend.

You won’t need to have much skill for this class: we’ll be teaching you exactly what you need to know to take the next steps in your Jedi training.

What if I don’t have a concealed carry permit?

If you don’t have a concealed carry permit, it’s time to get one: however, we understand that some people are proficient enough with a firearm to take this class.

If you can demonstrate proficiency with a firearm, you can take our class. Call 352.270.3087 for more information.

What’s are the monthly competitions about?

We have competitions once a month where we set up a variety of different activities. We only allow students who have passed our Advanced Home Defense Class to participate in this exclusive club.

We sometimes play shooting golf, have bowling pin shoots, and do tons of other great stuff – but there’s always great prizes to win!


Limited time offer: Save $32 by registering now for our $97 Advanced Home Defense Class (Now just $65 bucks!)


  1. I would really like to attend your advanced home defense class if you could email me the next available dates I would really appreciate it thanks

  2. Good afternoon,
    Have ccw and want further training. Have been carrying for about two yrs and but need know where I am at and what needs improvement, thank you.

  3. Andrew, Eric and I enjoyed the class yesterday. We need more basic instruction before we get licensed and purchase a gun (or guns). What is the cost for private lessons with you and the availability?
    Thanks, Sue

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