Citrus County Property Crime Stats for 2010 and 2011

Burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft; all fairly common occurrences in Florida and more specifically in Citrus County that can happen to anyone at any time. Criminals are invading our personal space and going after things that can affect our peace of mind. Beyond that, criminal activity in our neighborhoods may also affect the security of our families and friends.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement published a crime clock to convey the annual reported crime experience by showing the relative frequency of crime in the state. The numbers are staggering in relation to property crime – indicating there is roughly the following in our state:

• One burglary every three minutes
• One larceny every one minute
• One motor vehicle theft every 13 minutes

In Citrus County, the numbers of crimes that occur every year are also worth mentioning. In 2010 there were 916 reported burglaries, 2,382 larcenies, and 132 reported motor vehicle thefts for a total of 3,430 total property crime incidents in a county of only 140,000 people. Property crime in 2010 was the highest in nearly 15 years, marking a period in which Citrus County residents were particularly vulnerable. In 2011, the last year this same report was issued, there was a small decrease in total crime in Citrus County falling from 3,480 total property crimes to 3,138. The amount of motor vehicle thefts was up in 2011 but the numbers for burglary and larceny did see a small decrease.

Citrus County Crime Prevention

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office encourages crime prevention in lieu of reaction. The “Lock Out Crime” campaign suggests a few simple rules to prevent crime in your neighborhood:

1. Lock your car doors at all times even when your car is in the driveway. Also, lock your home and keep your garage door shut.
2. If you have any valuable items in your car keep them out of sight. Leaving these items in plain view only encourages criminal activity.
3. Look out for your neighbors and share these tips with them. Let them know if they have left something of value in plain view or left their garage doors open.

Protect Yourself With a Concealed Weapons Permit

Crime happens all over the country and even close to home. Preventative measures are good ways to stop the risk of being burglarized when you are not in sight of your valuables. However, some criminals may go after your property even when you are there to see it all go down. Often these criminals are dangerous and can take physical action on their path to theft. Rather than allowing yourself to be a victim to these crimes, consider defending your home and family with a concealed weapons permit. Victims who use guns in self-protection are significantly less likely to be injured or lose their property than victims who do not.
Contact Citrus CCW today for more info on concealed carry and self-defense.

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