Two Great Concealed Carry Gun Drills

Two Great Concealed Carry Gun Drills

Citrus CCW likes to challenge our CCW students to test their shooting skills so that they are aware of the realities of their abilities. For example, we recently published a post titled At-Home Firearm Safety Preparation that demonstrated to concealed carry holders the importance of reacting to a home intrusion and response times. Most of our students get their Florida concealed carry permits for self-protection and beyond the permit, we still believe there is additional training you can try to prepare yourself for potential self-defense situations.

Below we have outlined two concealed carry drills that you should try next time you are at the range. These drills are meant to translate into real life and help you better your ability to defend yourself.

The Two Second Concealed Carry Gun Drill

Because self-defense situations happen fast, you need to be able to respond quickly and accurately. At the range you have time to take your shots, breathe, and concentrate on the target. If an intruder is in your home you may not be so fortunate.

For the two second drill you will need a piece of standard notebook or printer paper. You will also need a timer or a friend with a watch. Start by putting your paper (as the target) three yards away. Setting the timer for two seconds, try to get off one round before the two seconds are up. If you hit the paper, you have succeeded. If not, you will need to continue to practice.

After you have mastered the two second drill at three yards, move the target back to five yards and start over. After you are successful at hitting the five yard mark, move the target back to seven yards and so on and so forth. Missing the target or not getting it off in two seconds means you need more practice.

The Five Second Concealed Carry Reload Drill

For this drill you will also need a piece of paper and a timer. While at the range, load your gun with only one round. On-person, or wherever you carry spare magazines, have a full magazine ready. Starting this drill at five yards and setting the timer for five seconds, begin by firing one round, reloading with the new magazine, and firing as many rounds into the target as possible in five seconds.

Initially you will likely only get a couple of rounds out of the full magazine after reloading. With some practice you should be able to increase your reload time and be able to get more shots off. As your progress improves, make the drill more challenging by moving your target beyond the five yard mark.

Both of these drills help you to get your gun out quickly, shoot accurately, and to reload quickly so you are prepared in emergency situations.

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