Florida, Three Other States Have New Gun Laws

Florida, Three Other States Have New Gun Laws

Florida joins three other states that have new gun laws that are going into effect as of July 1st, 2013. In 2012 a legislative session directed towards firearms issues approved the following House Bills:

HB 463

HB 463 allows any current servicemen, or any U.S. armed forces veteran who was discharged honorably, to obtain a Florida concealed weapons permit, even if they are less than 21 years old. Traditionally Floridian’s under the age of 21 are restricted from getting a concealed weapons permit but the law was changed to allow servicemen and women to be able to obtain their permits.

Also 790.15 of HB 463 was amended to make it a first degree misdemeanor to recklessly or negligently discharge a firearm on property used primarily as a dwelling, or zoned exclusively for residential use.

HB 5601

Starting July 1, concealed weapon permit fees are reduced to $70 for issuance and $60 for renewal.

Other States with Updated Laws

In Mississippi, residents will have the right to openly carry firearms without a gun permit. Guns are still prohibited at schools, colleges and universities and the law gives county sheriff’s the ability to ban guns from courthouses. Landowners can also ban people from bringing guns onto their property.

In Indiana, a new handgun law allows people to carry without a license inside their vehicles. They are also allowed to carry a handgun without a license on their own property, if being carried to a shooting range for an instructional course, and during legal hunting seasons and times.

Tennessee is also getting an updated law that allows handgun permit holders to store firearms or ammo in their vehicles, no matter where the vehicle is parked. The firearm or ammo must be locked in the trunk, a glove box, or interior of the vehicle or within a container that is “securely affixed” to the vehicle, and “kept out of ordinary observation.”

Learn More About Florida Concealed Carry Laws

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  1. Is it legal to fire a handgun in your house or garage within Inverness City limits? I was in a gun store recently and there was a barrel there that we were able to fire weapons into in order to feel their recoil. I am wondering if I could build a containment device in my garage to test handguns.

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