Gun Cleaning Class: Learn the Right Way to Clean a Gun for Just $35 Bucks!

Want to learn how to clean your gun?

Learn from the experts for just $35 bucks!

Sign up now to attend our gun cleaning class here at Florida Gun Supply!

Proper cleaning, inspection and maintenance is critical to keep your firearm operating when you need it and continue to function smoothly throughout the years.

What to Expect:

Safety is always first at Florida Gun Supply! We’ll show you how to properly field strip your semi-automatic pistol, clean, lubricate and inspect it. We can also show you how to keep your revolver in good working order.

What You Need:

Florida Gun Supply now offers complete pistol cleaning kits for $15, available for purchase here in the store. If you already have your own, feel free to bring that instead.

DON’T wear your best clothes! We’ll be taking dirty guns apart and cleaning them!

This class is scheduled for an hour, but be prepared to be here a little longer depending on the needs of the students.

Our gun cleaning classes are laid back, tons of fun, and always informative!

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