Home Invasion Protection Package

Introducing: Florida Gun Supply’s Home Invasion Protection Package

The most realistic training that could save your life!

Let’s face it: home invasions and robberies in Central Florida are on the rise: and we need to be ready in case it happens to us. We invite you to come train with our certified instructors using all the latest firearm technology. This is the real deal!

Yes, I want to be trained! What’s included in this limited time offer?

1. One-on-one Training with a Certified Training Instructor (Normally $65!)

You’ll be meeting directly with one of our certified firearm training instructors here at Florida Gun Supply. These instructors will lead you step by step through everything you need to know during a home invasion, including:

  • Warning signs that you could be a target
  • Planning your reaction plan
  • Worst-case scenario training

This lesson alone usually costs $65 bucks!

2. Realistic Training in Our $22,000 Firearm Training Simulator (Normally $70!)

Our firearm training simulator is the most realistic technology money can buy. This is by far the best way to train your body to react, your brain to overcome surprise, and your hands to aim and fire accurately.

Here are just a few benefits of our Firearm Training Simulator:

  • State-of-the-Art training in climate controlled enviroments
  • No live fire: so there’s no danger or expensive ammunition costs
  • There’s no experience like it!

These two training packages normally cost $169 together: Enter your information below for a $100 training voucher!

Get the training you need to survive for just $69!!


Q: If I sign up for this class, can I bring my significant other with me?

A: Yes! We’ll get you both in during the same session: but just a heads up – the ladies always do better 🙂


Q: Does this offer expire?

A: Yes, this offer is good for a limited time! Don’t miss out!


Q: This sounds great, but do you have any live fire courses?

A: Of course we do! AND we can offer a HUGE discount on the live-fire training after you take this Home Invasion Protection Package!

Q: I have another question!

A: Call us at 352.270.3087


  1. I won the Home Invasion Package/simulator this past Sunday at the Women’s Event and would like to make a reservation for the next class.

  2. There’s a couple places I’m looking to take the
    1 home invasion one
    2 , Gun cleaning course
    3, And I would love to come in every instructor

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