How to Conceal Carry a Gun in a Purse – Concealed Carry Tips for Women

Ladies often find it a bit more difficult to conceal a firearm than men due to the differing fashions and clothing styles that are worn that are generally tighter in nature. Women who wish to conceal carry don’t want to hinder their sense of style – and us men don’t want them to either :).

There are quite a few options available for women to carry concealed firearms – and the purse seems to be the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to carry a concealed firearm.

You can conceal a firearm in any purse – but here are some tips to help you carry a concealed weapon in a purse as safely as possible.

1. Concealed Carry in a Purse Tip #2: You Don’t Need an Expensive Specialty Purse.

Have you ever SEEN concealed carry purses? My wife and I agree – we’ve NEVER seen a good looking concealed carry purse. I’m sure they’re designed by men who carry guns, not chicks who want to look good.

That said, conceal carry purses have some great features – one of which being nice compartments to keep your purse.  But often times, you don’t even need to have all those features – you just want to carry a gun in your purse safely.

Here are some actually good looking concealed carry purses.

2. Concealed Carry in a Purse Tip #2: Buy a Purse with Multiple Compartments 

Remember why you’re concealing your weapon: you are using it for protection.  A good concealed carry purse will allow you to access your gun quickly.  Just throwing a gun into your purse with all that other “stuff” will ultimately lead to confusion and chaos if you ever need to use your firearm to save your life or the life of someone else.

Having a separate compartment in your concealed carry purse is probably the most important part of a concealed carry purse.

3. Concealed Carry in a Purse Tip #3: Sew in a Holster

Buy a cloth holster and sew it into that separate compartment.

Having a holster sewn into your purse has a few key benefits to women:

  1. You know exactly where the gun will be at all times.
  2. You know exactly what angle the gun is sitting at all times.
  3. You have added protection against accidental discharge because the trigger is protected by the holster.
Safety, accessibility and protection are all important considerations for your concealed weapons purse.


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  1. I agree with your conclusion that most concealed carry p urses are ugly. I began making my own quilted concealed carry purses and purse inserts and have gotten great feedback. I hope you will check out my etsy shop.

    Not everyone is able to sew in their holster without ruining their purse. That’s one of the reasons I make the purse inserts.

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