How to Improve Your Concealed Carry Reaction with a 3×5 Card

Why Your Concealed Carry Training Should Include a 3×5 Index Card

We have all seen the dude at the range that is hitting the bull’s eye from four feet away every time and grinning like he is a modern day Wyatt Earp. While this is a small win for this particular shooter you get to wondering if this guy is capable of doing anything else in regards to distance and accuracy.

At one point or another every shooter should seek to test their skills and improve his draw as well as accuracy. If you are truly testing the skills of your shot you will be missing quite a bit and eventually, after some practice, might enjoy the same satisfaction of the four foot shooter down the range. To start this endeavor, first go and get yourself these two simple items:

  • Timer
  • 3×5 index card

Using a Timer to Improve your Concealed Carry Draw

A timer will force you to draw, set your sights down range, and engage the target. For the purposes of training we are recommending one shot per draw. Drawing and shooting your entire clip down range does not count and will not garner as much results as you’d like.

Also, this practice is to simulate a real-life scenario where you have to focus and be accurate with your shot.
Set your timer at a rate that is challenging enough so that you barely have enough time to get a shot off and you can reduce from there. Don’t set the timer at 2 seconds if you can’t get anywhere close to that.

Position your index card on the head of the target and place the target at a moderate distance but not one that has you missing by considerable distances. If you are new, try this drill at five yards, then move to seven, then 10, etc.

Work Up to Defending Yourself With Your Concealed Carry Hangun

If you set this up to be challenging you are likely going to miss and miss often. As you work your fundamentals on drawing and trigger control you will begin to get more hits on the 3×5. Once you start to hit the card at five yards, move it back to seven and try again. Keep moving it back until you gain some consistency and your accuracy and focus will greatly improve.

Challenge Yourself With Your Concealed Carry Firearm

Remember if you set your goals too low you won’t truly challenge yourself. It is ok to miss and this is all part of getting better. Soon the four foot shooter down the range will be envious of your skills.

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