Joe Biden Shooting Targets – Representing our First Amendment

It is your first amendment right to produce, purchase, and shoot at targets that are in a similar image to that of a presidential candidate or any other political figure.

While some perhaps may be offended, the First Amendment protects the free speech and expression of these images.

We wouldn’t need a First Amendment if everyone agreed on everyone else’s words, art, images, etc.

For example, if you were to make a target of your local mayor, would it be offensive? What about the governor or any other person in authority over you? What about police officers?

You will find that daily we are offended by someone’s actions, and we have every right to voice our opinion about them. Since they took

If you are a staunch defender of the second amendment and advocate for the right to bear arms, then it is only natural that an image of Joe Biden targets in a shooting range would be welcome. has a number of Joe Biden Shooting Targets to purchase and a variable amount of sizes as well.

Here are some reasons to purchase a Joe Biden Shooting Target:

  1. Come on, man.
  2. Afghanistan.
  3. Gas prices.
  4. Joe Biden.
  5. Keystone Pipeline.
  6. China.
  7. Hunter Biden.
  8. Must I go on?

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