How to get your Florida concealed carry permit (in 3 easy steps!)

Getting a Florida Concealed Carry Permit is Easy… Just Follow These Steps!

My mission is to convince every American who is legally, physically, and mentally able to get armed, get trained, and carry daily.

That task is easier said than done. Unfortunately rumors and misinformation are very common in the gun world. This article will help clear these things up.

The top reasons to carry a firearm in Florida:

  • When seconds count, cops are only minutes away
  • Its better to have a gun and not need it – than need it and not have it!
  • Criminals are armed
  • You should refuse to be a victim

Step 1 to Get Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit:
Sign up for your FREE Concealed Carry Class!
(Normally $85)

Florida law requires you to demonstrate proficiency with a firearm in order for you to get a concealed carry permit.

You can demonstrate proficiency with a firearm by sending a copy of:

  • A firearm safety training certificate provided from an NRA Certified Instructor (like us!) or an FDLE certified law enforcement instructor
  • A hunter safety training certificate
  • Your DD214 (if you are a military veteran, we still suggest you take our class!)
  • Your active duty papers (if currently serving)

Benefits to taking our FREE Concealed Carry Class (Normally $85!):

  • Our class is FREE! (It used to be $85, but with all the terrorist activity, now we just ask you to pay a $20 Range Insurance Fee)
  • Our class is COMPLETELY hands on which helps you learn faster and easier
  • If you always follow our unique training method, you will NEVER have an accident with a firearm
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Step 2 to Get Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit:
Take advantage of our $20 dollar photo and notary service
(While you’re here!)

You have two choices to send your application to the State of Florida:

  1. Get your photos taken and application notarized with us for $20 bucks (save $60!)
  2. Go down to the DMV to have them process everything for you (they charge $124 bucks!)

The State of Florida no longer requires you to get your application notarized, but we do it as part of our process to make sure your application is correct before you send it in.

Step 3 to Get Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit:
Get your fingerprints done and mail in your application

Even if you’ve already had your fingerprints taken before, the last thing you need to do after you take our class is to get your fingerprints taken. Here are some popular places to get your fingerprints taken:

Click here for more information on our FREE Concealed Carry Classes!


  1. I have a gun presently, do not wish to carry concealed. Am I legal to go to a gun store with this gun to get it cleaned and buy ammunition?

  2. I got my conceal carry license while in KS. I moved to and am now a resident of FL. Do I still need to go through all of the above steps?

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