What are the 5 Most Popular Firearms of All Time?

What are the 5 Most Popular Firearms of All Time?

Firearms have a longstanding history in the United States and globally as they are used in war, for recreation, and for self-protection. The most popular firearms became so because of their application, versatility or overall badassedness. Let’s take a look at the most popular firearms based on the amount of production for each gun. Keep in mind these are conservative estimates and do not account for all of the knock-offs or unknowns that are also likely on the market.

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Number 5: AR15

Production: Over 8 Million

You had to have known the AR would have made this list. This gun was originally developed by Armalite in 1965 as the AR10 but was not impressive enough to garner the attention of the US military. When the AR10 was on the fringe of its lifespan chief engineer Eugene Stoner took the AR10 from what was then a selective fire firearm to what is now a fully automatic. Thus the AR15 was born and the rights were immediately sold to Colt who successfully convinced the US military to adopt the gun.

Number 4: RPG-7

Production: Over 9 Million

The RPG, or Ruchnoy Protivotankovyy Granatomyot, is the most widely used anti-tank gun in the world. Although most people call the firearm by its unofficial title of “Rocket Propelled Grenade” the weapon is in fact known by the previously mentioned Russian title. Since the end of WW2, more than 9 million RPG-7s have been made under the designs of the Soviet Union.

Number 3: Uzi

Production: Over 10 Million

The Uzi is an Israeli-made gun with a high rate of fire. Perhaps the gun’s most famous days came on the set of Scarface as Tony Montana used it to take out his enemies in and around the streets of Miami. The Uzi was first manufactured in 1951 and gained popularity in more than 90 countries in the hands of armed forces, special operations and security units.

Number 2:Remington Model

Production: Over 10 Million

Coming in at over 10 million produced the Remington Model is the iconic shotgun of our time. Since 1951 at least 10 million of the pump-action shotguns have been pushed out of the Remington factories. The gun gained its popularity due to its ability to fire up to a 28 gauge cartridge and because of their economical price point.

Number 1: AK-47

Production: 100 Million

The Avtomat Kalashnikova tops the list and more than covers the production of the other guns on this list combined. Designed in 1947, the AK47 is clearly the most popular gun on this list and likely of all time. Designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the firearm was designed to compete with the German submachine guns and assault rifles such as the MP40 and STG44 after he witnessed firsthand how unequipped the Soviets were to compete with them. Shortly after its development the gun was adopted by the entire military and was eventually adopted globally with the reputation of being the most reliable gun of all time.

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