Where to Find Ammo?

Where to Find Ammo?

We are often asked why there is such a shortage of ammo and where to get it. Although we don’t have all the answers we have heard some pretty interesting stories from conspiracy theorists that we thought we would share with you.

One of the most far-stretched conspiracy theory claims regarding the ammo shortage is that the government is purchasing most of the nation’s ammo so that others don’t have access to it. This theory is consistent with the government’s recent attempts to control gun laws and if they couldn’t do so by passing new laws, perhaps they would do so other ways.

Others say that manufacturers are controlling the supply and demand of their products so that they can artificially inflate the price. This too seems a bit far-fetched as many of these companies have been staples of the American gun movement for dozens if not hundreds of years.

Then there is the fact that there are more people than ever seeking their concealed weapons permits and therefore enhancing the demand for ammo. In Florida alone there are over one million registered CCW holders, all of which have, will, or are consistently purchasing ammo for their guns. Many of these newer Florida concealed weapons permit holders got licensed because they feared the government would change the laws regarding concealed carry and acted proactively before they were no longer allowed to get licensed. This same fear is likely and most probably the reason much of the ammo is also more difficult to come by.

Where to Look for Ammo

Ammo is still readily available online although it may be more expensive, shipping and all. A lot of sites may be sold out but you can quickly browse a lot of online stores to see if they have the ammo you are looking for. The cheaper, “training ammo” may be sold out so you may have to purchase some of the more expensive stuff for your supply needs.

The local gun show is also a good place to get ammo as the vendors always seem to have some on supply. Because the demand is high, you can expect to pay a little more than usual.

We always recommend stocking up when the demand is not so high so that you are not left dry in times where theories, the government or the media spurs more demand than ever. What are your thoughts on the ammo shortage and what are you doing about it?

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  1. If you’re up at 6 am go to the Inverness Walmart, go to sporting goods and draw a playing card for your place in line ( if they are getting any ammo in that morning ,they bring it out at 7 to 7:15 am, and there will be people already waiting in line). This is called the Wally Ammo Shuffle. LOL

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